You will receive 5 already edited digital images. you can choose between a white or black background. This shoot will be up to 45 minutes long 



The regular session is more ideal for portraits with this you will receive 10 edited digital images and you can choose black, white, or grey background. this shoot will be up 60 minutes long. 



The grande session you will receive 15-20 wide variety and already edited digital images. you can  choose black or white or a other color for the background. shoot will be up to 1 hour long


The basic package package is a great option for you if you are looking for small session of photos. this package came with 5 already edited digital images. 45 minutes  of shooting time, and also one location. 

The premium package is for someone looking for larger amount of photos with a little more variety. This package includes 10 already edited digital images up to 60 minutes of shooting time, and one location.    

The deluxe package is perfect for someone who wants more out their session. This package comes with 15-20 already edited digital images 1 hour of your session time, and two location.